Access Numbers

Toll-free or local access from the U.S. & Canada is now available for DynaSky calling card users to keep their world closely connected. No matter where you use DynaSky calling cards, you’ll get the same great service and clear call quality you and millions of others have come to expect from DynaSky.

Calling from U.S., Canada

Traveling in the United States or Canada? DynaSky phone card has local access coverage in major cities nationwide for you to stay connected with your family, friends, and business associates back home. Or you can simply make a call by using our dedicated toll-free number listed on the back of each DynaSky phone card.

Local Access Number Search

First, please select the phone card that you are currently using. Then, you can either search the local access number in your area by entering your phone number or search by selecting the U.S. state. Local access numbers are available in most major cities in US 48 States, Hawaii and Canada. If you do not find a local access number for your area, check back soon, as we add cities to our list regularly.

1. Select the phone card:
2. Local Access Number Search

By Area Code and Phone Number
If you are calling from U.S. 48 States, Hawaii & Canada, please enter the area code and your phone number:


By Province in Canada
If you are calling from Canada, please select the province from the drop-down list:



Determination of which calls are local is based on standard residential service for your area and should only be used as a guide. You MUST contact your local phone company to confirm charges on all calls to DynaSky access numbers. DynaSky is not responsible for any toll charges you may incur while using the DynaSky local access numbers.