DynaSky Business Features

We make it easy for you to centrally manage and control all long-distance expenses for multiple members at one single source. One user-friendly interface offering more control, more convenience, and more savings for all.


Cost-Effective Business Telecom Solution

DynaSky Business is a master account, or simply a multiple account management tool that allows an administrator to create and manage up to 999 sub-accounts. The administrator can create or delete sub-accounts, monitor usage history, transfer balance to/from sub-accounts, run scheduled account reports, search and update account information, while the individual users can still log in to their accounts separately and manage different feature set-ups.

It’s a great tool for small businesses, organizations or departmental budget management!

Manage Balance

Managing Balance

After sub-accounts are created, you can manage those accounts and transfer balances between master account and sub-accounts. Please note that a minimum of $1.00 is required for balance transfer from master to sub-accounts. Only the master account can access the recharge function. Long-distance and other service usage, monthly subscription fees under each sub-account will be deducted from their DynaSky account balance.

When a sub-account is deleted, the remaining balance is automatically transferred to the master account. If the balance is negative, the amount will be deducted from the master account. Note that balance transfer between sub-accounts is not allowed.

Managing Sub-Accounts

The administrator can create up to 999 sub-accounts and perform quick search by distinctive user names and account information. The administrator can also update each profile, view account balance and usage history of the last three months. For deleted sub-accounts, the calling history will be available for up to 90 days.

Sub-Account Activity Reports

The Report Center allows the administrator to generate customized reports on sub-accounts' activities, such as balance, subscription status, usage history and transaction history. Run the reports whenever you want, or schedule the reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly, and have the reports sent to your email. Import the reports into your spreadsheet for budget control. This powerful feature is easy to use, and helps manage and monitor sub-accounts.

Sub-Account Users

Sub-Account Users

The sub-account users under the master account can still enjoy all the benefits and features available in a regular eCard account, with the exception of recharge function. Sub-account users have their own PINs for the basic phone card service, and may set up DirecDial, EZ phonebook, or broadband access. Sub-accounts have the freedom to subscribe to DynaSky VoIP or eSecretary services.

Start a DynaSky Business Account

DynaSky Business is a web-based service. With a minimum of $30 sign-up amount, you can sign up for a DynaSky Business account online for $3.95 a month. Then you can start creating sub-accounts at $1.00 for each account. All the sub-accounts will be given a PIN number to access the DynaSky network with, and can subscribe to any services on My Account. The master account is valid for 6 months upon sign-up completion. Account expiration can be extended for 6 months with each recharge, or each outbound usage made by any sub-account. Note that the master and sub-accounts share the same expiration date, and the most extended date will serve as the unified expiration date and will be updated in all accounts within 24 hours.

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