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Getting tired of giving away ordinary promotion items?
Need a lead generation tool or a useful promotion item with customization?
Want to effortlessly penetrate and promote products and services to ethnic market?

The U.S. population is growing exponentially with new immigrants. These consumers are purchasing prepaid calling cards as a helpful tool to better control their phone bill to call home. A research conducted in 2001 showed that 52% US households had at least one person using phone card. This is the reason why prepaid calling card is becoming the fastest growing item of preference for corporate promotional giveaways.

Customized Promotional Calling Card

Prepaid calling card is a unique and effective business-marketing tool for building brand recognition. Promotional Calling Cards can be used to effectively promote your brand in many different ways, such as employee incentive program, tradeshow/sweepstake giveaways, support product rollouts, on-pack promotions, fund raising, lead generation, etc.

Since 1996, DynaSky has successfully established brand recognition and become a renown prepaid long distance service provider with exceptional quality of service, and value in the U.S. Chinese market. DynaSky has the history of integrity, performance and customer service that you can rest your company's reputation on. Only with DynaSky will the product have true around-the-clock customer service. Only with DynaSky will you be assured of quality and performance.

We are flexible! We’ll work with you to customize your promotional calling card designs to better promote and build your company’s image. With a minimum order of 2,000 cards, we offer volume discount on your customized Promotional Calling Card based on the quantity and requirements.

Features & Benefits

Beyond the traditional benefits of prepaid calling cards, DynaSky also offers additional features and benefits to companies wishing to use this as means of getting their messages out. Additional charges will be applied for special features set-up.

  • Enhanced data collection. Conducting a survey? Want feedbacks? Voting?
    Your audience can use the promotional calling cards to vote or to record feedbacks on your products and services.

  • Personalized greeting:
    You can have your company name announced when customers call the access number.

Contact our sales team and get a free quote today at 1-888-851-2255 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! We’ll be happy to walk you through the opportunities and benefits you and your organization can take advantage of with DynaSky’s customized promotional calling card.

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