DynaSky eSecretary Benefits

Taking Advantage of eSecretary

Savings aside, there are so many ways eSecretary can benefit your personal or business communication:

Frequent Travelers & Independent Consultants

  • If you travel abroad regularly, you can update the destination number online anytime. That way, callers are still dialing a local number to reach you abroad.
  • All your incoming calls can be forwarded to a cell phone number, or any fixed landline number in any country. And your faxes can be forwarded to any fax machine worldwide.
  • You can select a local number (including China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan) where your friends or family are, so they can call you at local cost wherever you are.

Always Connected with Friends and Family in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Choose a local number for China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, to follow you everywhere. Maintain a global reach while growing your local presence! Your contacts back home will be able to call you at a local number, without paying international rates. eSecretary forwards all calls to your home, office, or mobile phones at super low forwarding rates with pay-as-you-go usage plan.

No annual contracts, no IP Box installation, no set-up fees needed!

Adding eSecretary to Your eCard

  • Login to your DynaSky Account;
  • Subscribe to eSecretary in My Account;
  • During the sign-up process, you can subscribe to a U.S. or Canada local number, or toll-free number, or an international number, and enter the destination phone number.
  • If you need to port a toll-free number, please follow the instructions and send in the necessary documents.

Easy to Use

Once the subscription is successful, you may go to eSecretary in My Account to update destination numbers, toll-free settings, purchase additional numbers or port another toll-free number. You may update the forwarding information anytime, anywhere.


  • You can select local numbers for the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to maintain global reach while gaining local presence.
  • Subscribe to a U.S./Canada toll-free number for your business to receive calls or faxes, to promote more business opportunities. Or choose from a China 950, Hong Kong, or Taiwan local number so customers can easily dial your local number, at local rates.
  • Extend your business customer service hours but free your employee or yourself from the desk. More flexibility, more business, and less cost.
  • If you are a business, you can select an area code from the North American city of your choice to establish a local identity without a physical location. On the other hand, if you’d like to establish presence in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, choosing from eSecretary’s international numbers will be your best option
  • If your company is currently paying a lot for toll-free inbound calls, you can save business expense by porting the number to DynaSky. Our low toll-free inbound rates are tough to beat.
  • Take advantage of our great toll-free rates and make it do double duty. Subscribe to a toll-free number to route calls to DynaSky VoIP in any country.
    • With toll-free and DynaSky VoIP, you can take full advantage of its free voicemail, which allows you to retrieve calls from any phone, your softphone, or eCard My Account.
  • At $2.95 per month for a U.S. or Canada local number, or a toll-free number, combined with DynaSky’s consistent low rates, eSecretary saves you more than any other forwarding service out there.
  • At $2.95 per month for a U.S. or Canada local or toll-free number, or $4.95 for a local number for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, combined with DynaSky’s consistent low rates, eSecretary saves you more than any other forwarding service out there.
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