DynaSky eSecretary Features

Never miss a call! eSecretary offers a wide range of local numbers, for the U.S. and Canada to make you more mobile and connected than ever. But the convenience doesn’t stop there. Here’s how you can use eSecretary to the best of its potential and to your business advantage.


Your Virtual Secretary

eSecretary is a call forwarding and fax forwarding service, some call it follow-me, that allows you to affordably subscribe to a single number which will follow you anywhere worldwide. Be that a local number in the U.S., or Canada, eSecretary allows you to change your routing destination freely, at anytime on a simple web interface. Calls and faxes can then be forwarded to a home phone, cell phone, office phone and fax or international destination, at low per-minute rates.


The toll-free numbers are only accessible from U.S. 48 states, Hawaii and Canada.

Local or Toll-Free the Choice Is Yours

With eSecretary, you can subscribe to a U.S./Canada local or toll-free number with any available area code for $2.95 per month.

You may also port an existing toll-free number to our service, for pay-as-you-go pricing and cheap inbound toll-free rates. Check our available area codes.

Purchase Additional Number

Subscription to additional eSecretary phone numbers is available through your online account. Choose a local number for the U.S. or Canada so your clients, family and friends can easily reach you by just dialing a local number. Your call will then be forwarded to the home, office, or mobile phone of your choice.

Or, get a toll-free number and increase sales by letting your customers call or fax to your business for free.

Toll-free Forwarding

If your business is looking into offering customers a toll-free phone or fax number, or simply cutting down your existing toll-free service expenses, eSecretary is the most affordable solution. With $2.95 per-month subscription fee and DynaSky’s super low US domestic and international rates, your business can provide a toll-free number without a big budget. Port your existing toll-free numbers to us and let DynaSky help contribute to your bottom line! If you have a lot of call volume, you’ll feel the huge difference.

Toll-Free Forwarding Plus Free Voicemail

If there are times when you simply do not want to receive calls, or if you don’t want to miss out on any business opportunities after business hours, eSecretary + DynaSky VoIP will be the right combination for you. DynaSky VoIP offers unlimited voice mail that can be retrieved in 4 different ways. You can even take advantage of its free VoIP features.

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