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Can I use DynaSky eCard for my business?

Absolutely! With DynaSky Business, you may create up to 999 sub-accounts for your business colleagues, associates, or group members and manage them under one administrative account. You may adjust the balance to each sub-account and access call history of each sub-account.

What’s the difference between a regular DynaSky eCard account and a DynaSky Business account?

A DynaSky Business account creates and manages sub-accounts. The account offers a user-friendly interface for the administrator to transfer balance to and from sub-accounts and monitor call history. DynaSky Business is a subscription-based service, and a US$3.95/month subscription fee will apply.

What features does each DynaSky Business sub-account have?

A sub-account user enjoys all the features available in a regular DynaSky eCard account, except for the recharge function. The balance needs to be transferred from the master account. The sub-account user may also log in to the account pages to update account information, review call history, and subscribe to DynaSky premium add-on services.

How can I sign up for DynaSky Business?

To sign up for DynaSky Business, please click here, then fill out our short sign-up form. Payment method is the same as regular DynaSky eCard accounts, through VISA, Master credit charge, or PayPal. Note that you must be a PayPal member to sign up or recharge through PayPal.

How much does it cost to create a DynaSky Business account?

Opening a DynaSky Business account is free; however, a US$3.95/month subscription fee will be charged on the administrative account. You may choose to open a business account with US$30, US$50, US$70 or US$100 dollars.

How much does it cost to create a sub-account?

When an administrator creates a sub-account, a US$1.00 one-time fee is automatically deducted from the master account, and US$1.00 is automatically transferred from the master account to the sub-account.

How do I create sub-accounts?

Once you’ve created a DynaSky Business account, you may start creating sub-accounts by filling out user name, password, and profile information.

How do I log in to my DynaSky Business account?

Simply log in at any webpage at DynaSky eCard that allows you to enter username and password.

Can the administrator make calls using the master account?

No, DynaSky Business account is just an administrative tool and doesn’t have its own PIN. The administrator will have to create a sub-account in order to use any of the DynaSky eCard services.

How do I locate a particular sub-account?

The full list of sub-accounts is displayed on your Account Summary page once you log in. You may click into the username to view account information or click on "Call History" to view account activities. To search for a specific sub-account, you may go to "Manage Sub-Accounts", enter any of the search field to locate the sub-account. Please enter the exact number for PIN or phone numbers. For User Names, First or Last Names, you may enter the first few alphabets and all names starting with the same alphabets will be displayed. Alternatively, you may click on "List All" to get the full list of accounts, which are sorted by username by default. Then, you may proceed to update account information, view call history, or transfer balance.

How do I delete a sub-account?

On the business account summary page, click on the user name in the sub-accounts list, which then takes you to its account information page. Click on "Delete This Account" at the bottom. To delete multiple accounts, first locate the sub-accounts you wish to delete through "Manage Sub-Accounts" account search, select the checkboxes before the sub-accounts, then click on the "Delete" button. The remaining balance will be transferred to the master account. Negative balance will be deducted from the master account. You may still view the call history of the deleted sub-account for up to 90 days after the account deletion.

How do I transfer balance?

First, locate the sub-accounts through "Manage Sub-Accounts" account search. On the search result, select the target sub-accounts and click on "Transfer Balance". On the next page, enter the amount to transfer to/from the master account, then click on "Next" to confirm the transaction. Note that balance can only be transferred between master and sub-accounts. Also, a minimum of US$1.00 is required to make a transfer from the master to a sub-account. There is no minimum requirement to make a transfer from a sub-account to the master account. The master account's balance must still be positive after the balance transfer.

How many balance transfers can I make in one day?

The administrator may make as many master-to-sub and sub-to-master transfers as possible.

Can I transfer my existing DynaSky eCard account into a DynaSky Business account?

No. However, we will be able to assist you with transferring your remaining balance into your DynaSky Business account if you wish to cancel your existing DynaSky eCard account. Please call our 24-hour customer support hotline 1-877-MY-eLIFE (693-5433) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I get DynaSky Reward bonuses in my master and sub-accounts?

Yes, all the master and sub accounts will get their unique DynaSky Reward codes and continue to refer to friends and enjoy the bonuses. All the DynaSky Reward rules apply to master and sub accounts. Bonus redemption by master or any sub-account will extend the expiration date for 6 months, and the most extended date will serve as the unified expiration date for the group. Please allow for 24 hours for all the accounts to be also updated.

Can a sub-account also subscribe to DynaSky’s premium add-on services?

Yes, the sub-account users can log in to their account to subscribe to other services. All fees, rules, and features for a regular DynaSky eCard account apply.

How do I cancel my DynaSky Business account?

Please call our customer support hotline 1-877-MY-eLIFE (693-5433) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide us a personal DynaSky eCard account so we may transfer the remaining balance to that account.

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