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What is eSecretary?

eSecretary allows you to forward all your incoming calls to any designated number - domestic or international, voice or fax. You may subscribe to a U.S. or Canada local or toll-free number to route your callers to your cell, home, or office phones or eCard services such as DynaSky VoIP around the country or abroad.

How does local/toll-free forwarding work?

With eSecretary, you simply subscribe to a U.S./Canada local/toll-free number and calls to that number will be forwarded to any phone number you choose (business, home, mobile, fax etc.) anytime, anywhere in the world. So you won’t ever miss an important call, fax, or business opportunities. The call forwarding is transparent, so the caller will not know if you or your employees are not at a set location, or even overseas.

Who should use eSecretary?

If you’re a frequent traveler, independent contractor, or someone who does not have a landline and doesn’t like to give out cell phone numbers, eSecretary is what you need. With eSecretary service, you can give out your personal number to your family, friends, clients or colleagues where they can fax or call to reach you at any time, regardless of what country you might be in today.

If you are a business, eSecretary Toll-Free Forwarding will provide you all the benefits of a toll-free service at a fraction of what you’re paying now. In addition, you can extend your business hours and capture more business opportunities by making instant changes via the web on the forwarding destination, to provide more flexibility and mobility.

What are the benefits of eSecretary?

DynaSky eCard provides unbeatable rates with no contracts and commitments. You can easily change your forwarding destination number(s) through the Internet or over the phone from our customer support hotline 1-877-MY-eLIFE (693-5433). Our forwarding service can be combined with any of our service offerings such as DynaSky VoIP, which allows free voicemail-to-email, and message broadcasting features. Like no others, all our features are a-la-carte with a minimal subscription fee, so you won’t need to pay a lofty sum for unnecessary features. Subscriptions can be made all in one account.

Can I use it with DynaSky VoIP?

Yes, simply set up your DynaSky VoIP number as the destination number for your eSecretary service, thus allowing you to receive incoming calls, voice mails, or faxes anytime and anywhere.

Will my callers be charged for the forwarded call?

Your callers will only be charged by their provider for calling your local number. Your callers will not be charged if you subscribe to a toll-free number.

What numbers can I subscribe to?

You can choose within a wide range of local numbers in the U.S. or Canada; or select from a list of U.S./Canada toll-free numbers.

Will I be able to select my eSecretary subscription number?

We give you the freedom of choosing U.S./Canada local or toll-free numbers from the available pool. However, if the U.S./Canada area code you need is not available, you may fill out an area code request form and we'll try our best to process your request.

Can I have more than one eSecretary subscription number?

You may subscribe up to 2 local, or toll-free numbers.

Can I change my forwarding destination number?

Yes, you can easily and instantly change your forwarding destination number at any time through your account online or over the phone with customer support assistance.

Note: The forwarding destination numbers cannot be any 700, 900 or 976 numbers, or certain operator-assisted, third-party billed, or collect-call numbers.

Can I have my eSecretary subscription number back after I unsubscribe it?

Yes. You may request Customer Service to help retrieve a forwarding number you had previously owned, provided that the reactivation request is made within 30 days for local and toll-free numbers, and within 3 days for international numbers, from the cancellation date. A one-time retrieval fee of US$2.95 will be charged for each number. Please call our toll-free customer support at 1-877-MY-eLIFE (693-5433) for assistance.

When does the subscription fee apply for a retrieved number?

If the retrieved number is the primary eSecretary number, the monthly fee will be charged a day after the retrieval date. On the other hand, if the retrieved number is a secondary number, the monthly fee is charged on the same day the primary eSecretary number is billed.

What happens to my forwarding number when my account balance remains zero or negative for a period of 30 days or more?

Forwarding service may be automatically deactivated 30 days after the account reaches zero or negative. You may lose your forwarding number(s) once your eSecretary subscription is removed.

How do I subscribe to a local forwarding number?

  • Log in to your DynaSky eCard Account.
  • Click on eSecretary under “My Services.”
  • Choose forwarding subscription type "U.S. or Canada local number".
  • Select the State/Province then area code or city.
  • Choose a number among the displayed list and confirm.

How do I subscribe to a toll-free forwarding number?

  • Log in to your DynaSky eCard Account.
  • Click on eSecretary under “My Services.”
  • Choose forwarding subscription type "Toll-Free number".
  • Choose a number among the displayed list and confirm.

Note: The toll free numbers are only accessible from U.S. 48 States, Hawaii & Canada.

Can I transfer my own toll-free number from another service provider to eSecretary service?

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