General Questions about DynaSky VoIP App

What is the DynaSky VoIP app?

DynaSky VoIP is a free application for your smartphones and tablets, with Wi-Fi or data plan required. With initial versions designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, you can make cheap calls and receive free unlimited incoming calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world with your eCard account. Also make free calls to other DynaSky VoIP users. No PINs, no access numbers are required. (DynaSky eCard users to make calls only, VoIP subscribers to make and receive calls.)

What's the difference between DynaSky Mobile Dialer App and DynaSky VoIP App?

DynaSky Mobile Dialer uses your wireless phone service to dial into DynaSky network via the public switched telephone network. Once configured with your account PIN, the app, simply acts as an invisible hand to dial DynaSky local access number, your PIN, and destination numbers for you. You will still hear all the voice prompts as the dialing is in progress.

DynaSky VoIP App uses your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data plan to connect to DynaSky network. Once the app is configured with your VoIP user ID and password, you will be able to make international calls directly. No access numbers or PINs required.

Both apps will integrate with your phone’s contact list, for easy dialing.

What’s the difference between DynaSky S Talk App and DynaSky VoIP App?

DynaSky VoIP app is dedicated to DynaSky eCard users only; while DynaSky S Talk is for selected non DynaSky eCard products. Please download your app accordingly.

Can I log in to DynaSky S Talk App using my DynaSky web login username and password?

No. DynaSky S Talk App is only applicable to selected non DynaSky eCard products. DynaSky eCard users please download DynaSky VoIP App.

Which type of VoIP apps does DynaSky offer? And where can I download them?

DynaSky has VoIP apps designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, you can:

How long does it take to download the application?

If downloading directly over the air (OTA) on your smartphone, download time will vary by your type of connection. If you are connected to a hotspot using Wi-Fi or 4G, download and installation may take just a few minutes. If connected via 3G or EDGE, you may experience longer download time (2 or 3x longer than when using Wi-Fi).

If you choose to download to your computer first, before performing sync with your smartphone, download time will also vary by your type of connection, but it should not take longer than 10 minutes to download the DynaSky VoIP app. Be sure to perform a sync between your device and computer to complete the installation of the app.

Which devices and operating system versions will DynaSky's VoIP app work on?

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 5.0 to 10.x
  • Android OS version 2.2 or higher

Why can’t I log into DynaSky VoIP App with my eCard serial number and PIN?

DynaSky VoIP App requires you to log in with DynaSky web login username and password. Please register your eCard online and set up your account profile.
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