VoIP App Billing

Will the usage of DynaSky VoIP on my phone show up on my wireless phone bill?

DynaSky VoIP uses either your device's data plan or Wi-Fi and will show as data usage, just like as if you were browsing the internet or streaming video. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi access, or else, typical data rates will apply if you use your cellular data plan.

The DynaSky VoIP is a FREE app to download offered by DynaSky. Calls made from the app will be billed as part of your DynaSky voice service plan.

Will it cost me anything to use these applications?

Use of the application itself is FREE, as it is a complementary device or access method for your DynaSky eCard or VoIP service. The app is available for DynaSky eCard users to make calls only, VoIP subscribers to make calls and receive free unlimited calls.

How much will my calls cost through these applications?

When successfully connected to the DynaSky network, your call will be charged as a regular DynaSky broadband access/VoIP call and deducted from your account balance. Please refer to the rates page for the rates of your intended destination. For VoIP subscribers, incoming calls are free; a $2.95 monthly VoIP Service subscription fee will also be deducted from your account balance.