VoIP Billing

Do I get charged for receiving incoming calls?


Do I get charged for calling another DynaSky VoIP number?

PC-to-PC calls between two DynaSky VoIP subscribers, as we call "member calls", are free.

When do I get charged for the subscription?

The monthly subscription fee will be deducted from your DynaSky eCard account balance on the same day you set up your DynaSky VoIP account.

Can I change my billing date?

No, this date cannot be changed.

Will I be able to select my DynaSky VoIP number(s)?

We give you the freedom of selecting your own area codes. However, if the area code you selected is not available, you may fill out an area code request form and we'll try our best to process your request.

Is there a termination fee for canceling my DynaSky VoIP account?


What is the rate for the calls I make with DynaSky VoIP?

Most of your calls are charged on a per-minute basis at the same rate as the calls you make through DynaSky eCard’s local access numbers. Some of our VoIP country rates are cheaper than local access rates. Member calls are free.

All your calls are charged on a per-minute basis.  DynaSky VoIP rates are consistent with or lower than DynaSky eCard’s local access numbers.  Member calls are free.  For our DynaSky VoIP rates, please visit our here.

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