Make and receive calls on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, or Windows/Mac computer!

    FREE voicemail, message broadcasting, call waiting features, even FREE calls!

  •  Free voicemails, free in-net calls*, unlimited incoming calls;
  •  Message broadcasting, message forwarding;
  •  Caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling;
  •  International call block;
  •  Area code selection;
  •  Additional numbers available at only $2.95/month each;
  •  Option to subscribe to eSecretary toll-free number and forward all incoming calls for free voicemail;
  •  Free Global Callback feature allows you to make quality international calls even with weak internet connection!

Watch video to learn more about DynaSky VoIPAffordable, Flexible, Mobile
VoIP is the most cost-effective voice communication technology today. It offers perks such as free VoIP talks, making calls at low rates worldwide, and getting an additional line. DynaSky VoIP is all that, and a lot more.


  • eCard users can now make cheap calls from anywhere, even when Wi-Fi signal is poor! Check out our new DynaSky Global Callback!
  • New DynaSky VoIP App smartphone and tablets to make and receive Wi-Fi calls worldwide. Both Apple and Android versions available.
  • New DynaSky Phone for your Windows or Mac computer to make and receive direct calls from worldwide internet access!
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