DynaSky VoIP Benefits

DynaSky’s Lowest Rates or Even FREE Calls

Always wanted to use DynaSky local access but the number is not available in your area? With DynaSky VoIP or Broadband Access, you can use our softphone to make calls across the country or across the globe while enjoying the same low rates as the local access offerings, and some of our VoIP country rates are even lower than local access rates.

That means, if you make calls using DynaSky VoIP or Broadband Access, you are guaranteed DynaSky’s best rates, which are a lot lower than most of our competitors’.

There’s more! If you call another DynaSky VoIP number, the calls will be absolutely FREE!

Number Porting

If you have a phone number (excluding cell phone or toll-free number) that you’d like to transfer as DynaSky VoIP number, we may be able to help you. Please also subscribe to DynaSky VoIP and sign up for a temporary number for immediate use, then enter DynaSky VoIP to submit your request. We’ll work on processing your request but number porting may take up to 30 business days depending on the carriers.

No More Phone Bill Taxes!

Use DynaSky as your second line. Since this is a prepaid service, there’s no additional Federal, State, City taxes or USF charges. Check out your local phone statement then you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Adding DynaSky VoIP to your eCard

  • Log in to your eCard My Account;
  • Subscribe to DynaSky VoIP;
  • During the sign-up process, you will be able to select an area code, then assigned a VoIP number based on the area code;
  • Once the subscription is complete, you may select DynaSky VoIP to edit all the VoIP settings or purchase more numbers;
  • Then, you can download and initiate the softphone.

Easy to Use

After you download DynaSky Phone or DynaSky VoIP app, you will be able to receive calls on your computer or smartphone. Likewise, you can start making calls everywhere* on your computer or smartphone, and skip the hassle of dialing access numbers or PIN entering.
  1. Dial out from your PC using the keypad on your softphone, and make sure to always enter the area code.
  2. For calls to the U.S. or Canada, enter 1 + area code+phone number; for international calls, enter 011 + country code + city code + phone number. If EZ Phonbook is already set up on your account online, then simply dial the EZ Phonebook number.


DynaSky VoIP does not support calls to any emergency numbers nor emergency services. To make emergency calls, please use a landline telephone or a cellular/mobile phone.

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