DynaSky VoIP for Home Phone

You can use DynaSky VoIP on a traditional landline phone and still enjoy all the functions and features of VoIP. You can choose from our suggested usage methods based on your habits and budget:

  • I want to use my current landline
  • I’m ready to get a new phone set

Use on my current landline

Device: ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters)
Suitable for: callers who prefer landline phones, would like to keep their current landline phone
Setup difficulty: average
Device cost: average (starting from US$25)

You can find ATAs in most electronic and online stores. Connect your ATA to your landline, then to a router, and register your information and you are ready to receive and make calls! For a detailed guide, please read the configuration guide.


Buy a new phone set

Device: IP Phone
Suitable for: callers who prefer landline phones, are ready to upgrade their phones
Setup difficulty: slightly difficult
Device cost: average + (starting from US$37)

Most small businesses have upgraded to IP phones to take advantage of the low cost of calling on the Internet, including making cheap international calls. Find them at an electronic or online store, and set up at home to start making and receiving calls. Please see our IP Phone configuration guide.

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