Broadband Access

The broadband access is an alternative way to connect to our network. If we currently do not have a local access number in your area, DynaSky broadband phone service is the alternative access from your computer or smartphone. With the DynaSky Phone or DynaSky VoIP App, you can dial out directly and enjoy DynaSky eCard’s lowest rates or the same low rates as dialing from our local access numbers.



  • DynaSky eCard’s lowest rates;
  • Make calls from worldwide through internet or Wi-Fi;
  • Call from your laptop or smartphone wherever you’re traveling;
  • Skip PIN and access number entering;
  • Online account management;
  • Compatibility with most ATAs (analog telephone adaptors) in the market, to make VoIP calls from home phone.

How to Make Calls Using DynaSky eCard Broadband Access

From Windows PC or Mac
  1. Download and install DynaSky Phone online;
  2. Log in to your eCard account. Locate your VoIP/softphone username and password on Account Summary;
  3. Enter your DynaSky Sip identity, VoIP domain, and VoIP password to initiate your softphone;
  4. Make sure your PC is connected to high-speed internet;
  5. Now you can dial out from your computer, using the keypad on your DynaSky Phone. Make sure to always enter the area code. For calls to the U.S. or Canada, enter 1+area code+phone number; for international calls, enter 011+country code+city code+phone number.
From iPhone/iPad, Android Smartphone/Tablet
  1. Use the QR code or link below to locate DynaSky VoIP app from the app stores;
  2. Download and install app on your device;
  3. Enter your DynaSky web login user name and password to log in;
  4. Choose any other available setting,
  5. The app should automatically initiate registration with DynaSky network.
  6. Once registration is successful, start making calls by entering your destination number including country code, or simply select a contact from your phone’s phonebook.

Please allow 24 hours for Boadband Access / VoIP service activation upon account sign up.

DynaSky Phone Free Download

DynaSky Phone Free Download


Operating System XP, Vista, 7 OS X 64 bit
Call Waiting
3-Way Calling
Call Switching
Voicemail Access DynaSky VoIP subscribers
Free Calls Between DynaSky VoIP subscribers
  Download Download

DynaSky VoIP App Free Download

  • Phonebook integration (with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, or Android)
  • “+” Substitution: enable “+” international access code, to automatically recognize the “+” in your contact phone number and substitute with 011 when dialing.
  • Free Calls: between DynaSky VoIP subscribers.
  • Call history, three-way calling, call waiting
  • Global Callback feature allows you to make quality international calls even with weak Wi-Fi or internet connections
Download to:
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download to:
Android smartphone/tablet

Download DynasSky VoIP App
DynaSky VoIP App Free Download

Upgrade Your eCard by Adding DynaSky VoIP for $2.95/month

DynaSky VoIP is our full-fledged VoIP service, which allows you to make/receive calls at the same number, enjoy free member calls and other powerful VoIP features at home, on the road or overseas.

Broadband Access vs. DynaSky VoIP

 Broadband AccessDynaSky VoIP
Monthly subscription Free $2.95
Free softphone & smartphone App download
Make/receive calls Make calls only
Free membercalls worldwide
DynaSky’s lowest rates
Three-Way calling
Online account management
Call history
Travel with your phone
Live customer support
No hardware purchase
Free voicemail Not Applicable
Message forwarding Not Applicable
Message broadcasting Not Applicable
Caller ID Not Applicable
Call waiting Not Applicable
Area code selection Not Applicable
Additional number Not Applicable $2.95/each
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